Highlights of an Belize wildlife safaris

With two distinctly different sections to Belize, namely the rainforest areas inland and the coral reef fringed offshore islands or ‘Cayes’, the natural wonders of Belize offer appealing variety for the safari-goer and are ideal for a wildlife safari holiday 

Combining these into one journey can be a great way to get an overall appreciation of Belize’s wildlife wonders, from searching for elusive jaguar in the steamy jungle to diving amongst turtles and sharks in turquoise waters.

Rainforest and Jungle Wildlife

With over half of the country blanketed in dense rainforest, and over three quarters of this government protected, this expansive habitat is the ideal environment for wildlife to thrive in. Much of this forested area is unexplored virgin territory, particularly within the southernmost region of Toledo, and it supports five big cat species: puma, jaguar, ocelot, jaguarundi and margay. Armadillo, tapir, howler monkeys and crocodiles are also rainforest residents, as are over 500 bird species, including Belize’s national bird, the fruit-loop keel-billed toucan, the incredibly fast jabiru stork, hummingbirds, green parrots, snowy egrets, macaws and the rare agami heron. 

Hiking through the trails will take you through foliage, past waterfalls and caves and if you are lucky you may see some of the birds and wildlife that inhabit the forests.

Reefs and Marine Life

With the second longest barrier reef system in the world stretching for 300 kilometres, this is a vibrant and thriving marine environment that is awaiting discovery in lagoons and along the walls of the barrier reef. Amongst the marine creatures you may come face-to-face in the tropical waters with are whale sharks during the migration season from April to June, nurse sharks, turtles, dolphins and 400 fish species of various shapes, sizes and colours. Whether you prefer diving or snorkelling, the island of caye Ambergris provides a fantastic base for exploring these waters.

Belize also has a range of renowned jungle eco-lodges in the Cayo District and Orange Walk. Chaa Creek Lodge on the banks of the Macal River offers horseriding, night walks, rainforest trails, bird watching or canoeing, for example, allowing you to fully appreciate the nature of the area. 

Lamanai Outpost Lodge also offers jungle walks, riverboat safaris and howler monkey treks providing the perfect base for your wildlife holiday.


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