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29 Sep 2017

A remote bastion of wilderness

A remote bastion of wilderness

Far East Russia is a destination few people consider travelling for their hard earned few weeks of holiday each year. It is a place where wild is wild and the creature comforts of the modern traveller are left behind. 

The 100 year anniversary of the Russian Revolution has sparked interest in the lonely roads that weave through these forgotten regions. Levison Wood recently skirted along the mighty Caucasus Mountains while Simon Reeves embarks on a journey from the snow-capped volcanoes of the Far East to the great cities of the west. The first instalment of his three part series was shown on BBC2 last night, starting in Kamchatka and continuing to the Durminskoye Reserve to spend a day in the company of conservationist Alexander Batalov

These are back country destinations we know well. NWS Managing Director Will Bolsover spent over a week with Batalov in early 2015, discussing how tourism could be introduced to the area and assist in protecting this wild habitat of the Siberian Tiger. There are challenges to smoothing the complexity of travel in remote and seldom visited places, Russia being no exception. However, this is where our expertise lies and we became the first to send travellers to the region.

Will has visited Russia many times over the last few years, exploring to the very end of the road to untangle the complexity of travel here for those who follow. NWS continues to forge the way as first to know and first to go into these remote bastions of wilderness. We don't do off-the-shelf tours to Russia. It is difficult, sensitive territory to work in. Every itinerary is designed on a bespoke basis to keep travellers informed, safe and inspired. Russia is not cheap. It requires deep expertise and on the-ground contacts/knowledge. 


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