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Highlights and Main Attractions of Siberia

Siberia is extensive; an untamed wilderness that encompasses tundra, forest and mountain ranges throughout most of Northern Asia. Our safaris concentrate on the far eastern region, encompassing territory inhabited by some of the world's most endangered big cat species including the rare Amur (Siberian) tiger and even rarer Amur Leopard. A stay here gives you an insight into the research conducted into tiger and leopard conservation and what is being done to protect their population. We work with leading Siberian tiger conservationist, Alexander Batalov, who is dedicated to saving the habitat of this big cat. We give you a real opportunity to explore the land of the world’s biggest, and most dangerous, big cat, on foot.


Siberia Landscape, Russia

Untamed Experiences

Being experts tiger tracking safaris, it would be fair to assume that the only attraction of travelling here is seeing an Amur tiger, but simply put, that is not true. Actually spotting a wild Siberian tiger in the reserve is not likely, in fact you will not actively be looking for them during your time here. Just being in the habitat, treading the same ground, and knowing that the tigers could be in the vicinity is a thrill in itself. Study paw prints in the snow, listen to stories from your guide, explore via snowmobile and snow shoe, the list goes on. The most enjoyable activity by far is tracking the life of the tigers through setting up and retrieving camera traps. Safaris here, booked through us, also help with conservation, ensuring the Siberian tiger can live on in the wild.

Siberian tigers aren’t the only wildlife that lives in this seemingly inhospitable environment though. Himalayan (or Asian) black bears can also be found here, skilfully avoiding encounters with tigers by climbing trees and Amur leopards can also be tracked in the Siberian wilderness. In regards to other mammals, there is also Manchurian roe deer, musk deer, wolf, red fox, sable, lynx, Amur badger, and Siberian pole cat. Then there is a huge range of bird species too, from osprey and blue rock thrush, to white-tailed eagle, Ural owl and honey buzzard.


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