Uganda In March

The rainy season begins in March but travel is still possible throughout Uganda - find out more here.

March weather and when to go

March weather and when to go

March sees the start of the long rainy season throughout the country. However, this does not mean that Uganda is completely off limits. Although none of the parks are at their optimum during this time, there will be plenty of opportunity for wildlife sightings and as this month lies outside of the peak season, prices are likely to be lower and there will be plenty of availability at a wide selection of lodges. 

Even during the wet season, rainfall is unlikely to perpetuate throughout the day and skies will brighten up after a downpour. Therefore you will still have plenty of time to explore and relax during your safari.

Another benefit of travelling at the beginning of the rainy season is that there is a lot of food for gorillas on the lower slopes of the mountain. Therefore, although trekking may be tougher due to wet terrain underfoot, you are likely to encounter gorillas closer to the beginning of the trail so distances covered will be shorter.

March is the last month you will be able to witness migratory birds in Uganda as they will begin to depart in April and won’t return to the country until November. Throughout the year Uganda boasts over 400 species of birds including the unique and impressive shoebill, so this is a bird-lovers paradise.


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