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Uganda wildlife safaris

Contrasting to other East Africa destinations, such as Kenya or Tanzania, Ugandan wildlife literally 'hangs out' in verdant green forests, playing home to a huge diversity of primates from cheeky chimps to fun loving gorillas.

Famed for being the home to some of the last remaining 820 mountain gorillas, Uganda is this and so much more, now prime for an East African wildlife safari.

Mountain gorilla, Uganda

Mountain Gorilla Tracking

Of course, mountain gorilla trekking through the mist, up steep climbs, and along treacherous paths, is one of the countries main attractions and coming across these endearing creatures is undoubtedly, unforgettable. Working with our expert local guides, we take you on a journey through the bush for anything from 2 to 10 hours in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest (Buhoma, Mgahinga or Nkuringo) in search of this amiable primates. Permits are limited and you will only be able to spend up to an hour in the company of these majestic animals before heading back to your lodge with the tale of a lifetime.

In the shadow of the awe-inspiring Virunga Volcanoes, Mgahinga is located in Southern Uganda and is another park where you are able to track the gorillas being home to just one family that continues crossing between Rwanda and Uganda. With such a large range, we do not recommend this family for tracking, however if you are up for a more challenging trek, Nkuringo in Southern Bwindi is in one of the most difficult areas to track the gorillas and is home to just one family.

Huge silverbacks may ‘mock charge’, thumping their chests to assert their authority! you can sometimes even watch young gorillas playing together, or showing off in attempt to impress their new visitors.

Chimpanzee, Uganda

Other Primates and Wildlife

The gorillas aren’t the only primate you’ll find in this inspiring country. Kibale Forest is home to no less than thirteen primate species, from red Colobus monkeys and vervets to legendary chimpanzees. Tracking the closest primate to mankind, the chimp, is a thrilling experience as they swing through the forest, drum on buttresses, and hoot to their fellow troop members, Despite their noise, they can be fairly elusive and hard to spot! To see them in slightly less strenuous circumstances, the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary offers an incredible opportunity in the near-wild circumstances and by visiting you will contribute to the conservation of their habitat and, indeed the species survival.

A Uganda wildlife safari is unique in that it combines the green, lush forests with wild savannah, and you can now experience some of the best conventional game viewing with the magnificent Rwenzori Mountains as a backdrop in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Watch out for leopard, giraffe, elephant and hippo or search for the tree-climbing lions of Ishasha.

If you are a keen birder, there are few places that can beat Uganda’s over 400 species long list!


Contact one of our Destination Specialists to start planning your journey to Uganda. Please note we recommend a budget of from £7,000 / $10,000 USD per person for our style of trip to this destination.

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