Uganda In January

January is great time to travel to Uganda as the dry season allows both gorilla tracking and game viewing - find out more here.

January weather and where to go

January weather and where to go

January lies in the short dry period of Uganda’s seasons meaning it is a fantastic time for both gorilla trekking and game viewing. Dry ground underfoot makes walking easy and despite being one of the hottest months of the year, trekking in Bwindi forest can be comfortable due to the altitude providing cooler temperatures. As Uganda’s climate is tropical it is possible that there will be some rainfall, but these are unlikely to affect your game activities, and gorilla treks will still be undertaken. Uganda’s equatorial temperatures generally range from 17-28C throughout the year but figures in the mountainous regions and during the evenings may drop to around 13C.

Most camps will be quieter in January than in December thanks to school holidays having finished and the Christmas and New Year period being over, however, as it is still a popular time to travel prices will remain fixed at peak season rates.

Migratory birds are still present throughout Uganda until April so this can be a good time to travel to see a range of bird species.

If you wish to combine your Uganda safari with gorilla trekking in Rwanda this is a perfect time to do so.


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