Uganda In August

August weather and when to go

August can be a fantastic time to travel to Uganda. As it lies quite late on in the dry season, wildlife is easier to spot in the game reserves meaning you should have fantastic sightings of elephants, lions and perhaps even elusive leopards. All of the country's parks are at their best at this time, so travel to Queen Elizabeth National Park to see four of the big five and then on to Bwindi National Park to track gorillas. This is a truly awe-inspiring experience and being able to do it at a time when the weather is at its peak is even better.

It is possible that is may still rain at some points in August so it is best to pack for all weather conditions.

Although just over six hours of sunlight (thanks to the equatorial location) doesn't seem like much, your days here in Uganda will be filled with activities; from early morning starts heading out gorilla tracking to sundowners overlooking stunning locations. Choose from some of Uganda's fantastic accommodation to make the most of your evenings. 


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