• Stargazing at Dead Vlei, Namibia

Namibia Weather in September

September is still the dry, winter season in Namibia, and similar to July and August, you can expect little to no rain. Temperatures are starting to warm up however, as we come closer to the summer, with days averaging at 29 degrees centigrade across the country. For those who want excellent wildlife and don’t mind the heat (or indeed are looking for a hot holiday), September is a great time to travel.

Wildlife is still congregating, often in large numbers, in the wildlife parks of Etosha and the Ongava Reserve as there is very little water, and getting hot. Etosha is often busy at the start of the month due to the holidays ending in Europe, but towards the end will be a bit quieter. Although as Namibia is not a hugely busy destinations for tourists, so don’t expect huge crowds at any time of the year – especially not enough to put you off. 

We know some great lodges in quieter areas that give you early or late access to the some of the parks and attractions, which can be a big bonus at this time of year.


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Namibia safaris; cheetah cub

Areas such as Windhoek, Swakopmund and Luderitz are warm (getting hot) and dry, ideal for embarking on the activities they have on offer. A Skelton coast safari is a great choice in September, although you can enjoy them year round, same with hot air ballooning – in fact we recommend all our clients have a go at hot air ballooning as Namibia has such unique and vast landscapes.

The skies are still wonderfully clear and cloudless, so at night, the stars shine bright and often quite colourfully in the sky. For keen star gazers, September means you get the clear skies, without such cold evenings, although be aware that at any time, the evenings in desert areas can drop to very low temperatures.

The Caprivi Strip is popular at this time with southern and European bee-eaters as they come to breed, so bird watchers can find this fascinating, and bee-eaters are a lovely bright bird to get anyone interested in birding! This leads into October too.


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