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Namibia Weather in October

October marks the last month of Namibia’s winter. The weather is getting warmer, and the precipitation is increasing, although with an average of 12mm of rain this month, it will not impact your safari at all. Skies are generally still clear making it perfect for star-gazing, and wildlife is still abundant.

Lions can often be seen in prides (although with none of the prey) at these water holes, drinking together, or playing at the water’s edge. Vegetation is scarce and will have now lost its vibrancy, which does mean that wildlife doesn’t seek shelter, making it easier to view. Be aware that due to the increasing temperatures in September and October and the lack of water, there comes more dust which is evident on your game drives.

With little water around, animals are still gathering at the water holes in large concentrations; thirsty ostriches can be seen next to washing elephants, and zebras can often be seen drinking in a line of black and white along the water’s edge.


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Carmine bee eaters, Namibia

Nights are slightly warmer now, but we still recommend warm clothing for evenings in the desert. There is nothing like being out in the vast and remote deserts of Namibia under the stars, so you don’t want to miss it due to being cold.


May to October is widely viewed as the best time to visit Namibia, with excellent wildlife, clear skies and no rain. Everywhere is accessible, so you can embark on epic Namibia journeys; from Windhoek and Swakopmund, to flying safaris down the Skeleton Coast, and all the way up to the Caprivi Strip. At the Caprivi Strip, European and southern bee-eaters are still in breeding season, making this a great place to go for birders, especially those who like colourful and charismatic birds.

For those interested, this is a great time to do a dolphin cruise, with whales being present off the Namibian coast.


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