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Namibia Weather in November

November is quite an unpredictable month. As we reach the end of the dry winter, hot and dry days can prevail. However, more rain may make its way in, often in the form of localised (and sometimes rather impressive) thunderstorms. You may even be lucky enough to witness the first rain of the season, a totally unforgettable, and dramatic event!

For those who fancy some weather variation, and don’t mind whether they have clear skies, clouds, thunderstorms, or hot sunny days, November is for you. As the summer draws in, be aware that November can be very hot, and often with skies that are threatening to rain, it can feel humid and sticky.

November is an exciting and unpredictable time to travel to Namibia!


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The wildlife can still be excellent at this time of year in the Ongava Reserve, Etosha National Park and the AfriCat Foundation. Animals may still be gathering at the water sources remaining after a dry winter, it depends on the weather. Vegetation will still be rather scarce and dull, giving the animals nowhere to hide or seek shelter, so they can be quite out in the open and easy to spot.


Skies can be clear, but it’s not as guaranteed as the winter months from May to October. Often there will be clouds, meaning star gazing may not be as impressive as the winter.


Travelling in November carries certain risks, with unpredictable weather and wildlife; however it can be a really exciting time to travel, with different colours and ominous clouds often giving photos an eerie, dramatic twist! It is also a great time to see whales off the Namibian coast.


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