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June weather & where to go

Winter draws in, yet the weather is still lovely and warm, although the nights are getting colder – it’s definitely time to get the jumper out! Namibia is really starting to dry out now, and the wildlife sightings are excellent in Etosha, as well as the other parks. Water holes are now scarcer, and you’ll see wildlife gathering together with the common goal of hydration around them. Vegetation is drying out as well, giving the animals fewer places to seek shade or shelter.

Parks are still relatively quiet at the start of the month, but they do get busier towards the end due to the start of the South African school holidays. 

We recommend June for those who want to avoid crowds and hot weather, but are aiming to see a lot of wildlife.


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Stargazing at Dead Vlei, Namibia

There is virtually no rain in June (averaging at 1mm for the month), so you are pretty much guaranteed clear skies no matter where you are headed. Swakopmund, Windhoek, Grootfontein, Luderitz and Walvis Bay all have pretty much perfect weather at this time of year, and with predictable weather, comes easy to plan itineraries. This is a great time to explore, without being restricted by rain, heat or any other weather-related hindrance.

The nights are cooling down, and will continue to do so until summer draws in again. This is especially true in the desert areas, where in some parts it can drop below freezing. We still suggest star gazing though. Namibia has one of the most impressive star-filled skies at night, and when it is this clear, it is just astounding the detail and colours you can see, especially in Southern Namibia, where you find one of only two dark sky reserves in the world.

June is an ideal month to travel, and we recommend it to anyone with a wildlife focus, who doesn’t want to be in the desert heat.


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