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July weather & where to go

In July, experiencing any rain would very out of the ordinary. This is one of the driest months, and as we come to the middle of winter, it is one of the coolest. With little to no rain, the wildlife must now congregate around the water sources that remain in order to stay healthy and hydrated. In wildlife parks, such as Etosha National Park, it is not uncommon to see a huge range of wildlife in big numbers, all at one water hole; zebras, elephants, giraffes, wildebeest, ostrich, and more all drinking together.

The weather is cooler during the days, even in the deserts, which means travel can be easy, and rather breezy. The green that covered parts of the desert is now gone, meaning the ground is back to the more traditional oranges that the desert is known for, and vegetation is scarce. At night, temperatures drop dramatically, and, especially in desert areas, can hit zero degrees. Bring plenty of warm jumpers for the evenings, as you’ll want to sit outside around the campfire sharing stories and watching the astoundingly clear and starry skies. 

Lots of our favourite lodges will provide snuggly blankets for you to keep you warm and cosy under the night’s sky.


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July is an excellent time to travel to avoid the heat, and get the best wildlife sightings possible. Etosha, the AfriCat foundation and the Ongava Reserve are perfect for wildlife viewing at this time, with little water, and little vegetation.


Travel in general is easy in July, as you avoid any sweltering heat, however this is one of the most popular times to travel to Namibia. Despite this, as Namibia is not a hugely busy tourist destination, even traveling at this peak season time, it can remain with a feeling of being relatively quiet. You can expect peak season prices at this time, however Namibia is more affordable than destinations such as Botswana, so don’t let it put you off travel. Speak to us and we can look into this for you.


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