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Namibia weather in January

Namibia is a year round destination, so you can absolutely travel there in January, however this is not a peak time. In January, the weather can be quite humid, and there will probably be some rain, sometimes torrential, although not as much as the countries further east, such as Botswana. Mornings are often clear, but thunderstorms are common in the afternoons, making for spectacular photos, and quite an exciting experience, especially on a self-drive.

This is the ‘wet’ season, and it can get very hot, and not just for you. The animals will be looking for shade and vegetation to cool off behind, making them a little more difficult to spot. The animals also disperse due to the large amount of surface water, which means they do not need to congregate around water holes for easy viewing. However this is the start of birthing season, which more than makes up for the numbers. 

Watch springbok and zebra with their new-borns, and if you are up for it, there is often plenty of predator action!


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Zebra Baby, Namibia

January is a great time for keen birders, and scenery can be greener, making for some beautiful photos. It is possible that the Christmas crowd will still be around, so areas such as Swakopmund can be busy, but you can still do all the activities you can imagine here.

As with most countries this large, the weather you encounter will depend on your location, as well as the time of year. Windhoek is located at quite a high altitude, to temperatures can soar here, and the Caprivi Strip is prone to more rain, so much so we recommend you avoid it completely at this time of year.

In contrast to most of the rest of the country, the coast is actually quite mild and sunny between November and February, so it is a great time for a Skeleton Coast Flying Safari.

If you choose to travel in January to Namibia, we suggest safaris that explore the coast and southern regions. The Kalahari will be hot, with occasional thunderstorms, but it is still worth exploring!


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