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Namibia Weather in February

With the summer rains between November and April, February is peak wet season; although it is still okay to travel at this time, you just need to be savvy about where you go. More water means the wildlife no longer has to congregate around few water holes, and can spread around more. This means it can be harder to spot, but depending on you, it can be more rewarding too.

February is traditional the most hot and humid month, and has the highest rainfall too.

Rains means greener landscapes (and the occasional flooding), which can result in some unique photography of Namibia’s usually arid environment.


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Namibia safaris; Skeleton Coast

Similar to January, we suggest avoiding the more northern areas, including the Caprivi Strip which is the wettest area in Namibia. Contrary to this, the coast is at its most mild and sunny in February, so this is an excellent time to explore the bewildering Skeleton Coast. Exploring by plane, you’ll see the coast go on for miles, orange sand brilliantly contrasting the beautiful blues of a rather ferocious sea.

Etosha National Park can be visited in February, but the game is not at its best. The best time for game viewing in Etosha is May to October, when the park is drier, and the wildlife gathers around scares water sources as easy prey for out keen eyes. More vegetation in February can also give the animals more places to hide. It is still birthing season, which means there may be some excellent predator action, or cute baby animals around with their mothers.

A huge plus to travelling to Namibia in February is the lack of tourists around. You’ll have time and space to explore to your leisure, with very few others around stealing from your unique experience. You can also expect seasonal rates.


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