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Namibia Weather in August

Experiencing rain in August in Namibia would be nothing short of a miracle, as this is possibly the driest month of the year, and bearing in mid the country is mainly desert, this is saying something. It is still winter, and temperatures are cool, especially when you compare to the heat and humidity of the wet season, technically the summer.

Similar to July, this is one of the best times to head to Etosha National Park, the Ongava Reserve, and the AfriCat Foundation. There is little to drink for the animals, and they can congregate in huge numbers around water holes. Not only can there be large numbers, but there can be a bewildering mix of species all in the one places; giraffes awkwardly bend their tall bodies to drink next to small impala, whilst elephants may bathe just metres away from thirsty masses of striped zebra, and even ostriches can often be seen drinking with the rest. 

There is also little vegetation for animals to hide behind, and less of a reason to hide, with the sweltering summer out of the way.


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Namibia safaris; cheetah cub

With cool, dry weather everywhere, there is nowhere we recommend avoiding in August; from Luderitz and Windhoek, to Swakopmund and the Skeleton Coast, prepare to have the options to see it all. The lack of water around also means fewer mosquitos and reduced risk of malaria.

This is peak season for Namibia, and prices will reflect that, however it is more affordable than many other African safari destinations, so don’t let this put you off booking. There will be higher numbers of people in and around the parks, but Namibia is not a busy destination, so aside from the popular areas like Etosha National Park, it will still seem relatively deserted, especially if you stay in places like Serra Cafema.

Be aware that nights in the desert can hit zero degrees, so you will need a jumper and warmer clothing for the nights under the clear skies.

August is a wonderful time to travel, with great weather, great wildlife, and no areas off limits!


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