• Huab Under Canvas, Namibia

About Huab Under Canvas, Namibia

About Huab Under Canvas, Namibia

The Huab Conservancy is one of the heartlands of Namibia’s desert-adapted elephant and black rhino. Found in the Damaraland region, Huab is of the few places where you can see both species in the same environs, making a stay here unmissable for keen naturalists. Here, with arguably the lowest environmental footprint of any Namibian camp, is Huab Under Canvas. This semi-mobile camp is only offered on an exclusive-use basis and is designed to blend in with the surrounding environment. With activities allowing you to search for black rhino with Save the Rhino researchers, plus nature drives and walks in search of desert elephant, this is a fantastic accommodation option for wildlife-lovers.

Lodge Details


The focus here is on the surrounding environment rather than the accommodation itself, so whilst comfortable, Huab Under Canvas eschews unnecessary luxuries and is designed to have as small an environmental impact as possible. The thrill of being under canvas in the wilderness is what sets this camp apart from the rest, with its mobile and experiential feel allowing you to make the most of the wildlife around you.


Huab Under Canvas is situated within the Huab Conservancy in Damaraland, one of Namibia’s prime wilderness areas. This dry and desolate environment is home to unique desert-adapted species, including the elephant and black rhino. Due to the exclusive-use nature of the camp and remoteness of the location, you can be assured of a true wilderness experience.

Accommodation & Facilities

The eight spacious Meru-style tents here can accommodate a maximum of just 16 guests, ensuring an intimate and exclusive stay in the Huab Conservancy. Each of the 4m x 3m tents are situated on raised wooden platforms and come with an en-suite bathroom comprising a flush toilet, washbasin and bucket shower with fitted solar lighting. There’s a communal mess tent with a lounge area, complete with a telescope for making the most of the impressive night sky. The dining area, along with the fire pit, are ideal for sharing safari stories. A small plunge pool lies a short walk from camp, where you can take a dip to escape the desert heat.


Meals at the camp are communal affairs taken around a single dining table, with wholesome dishes created using freshly prepared produce.


Huab Under Canvas is particularly well suited to those looking for a wilderness experience, and for those hoping to spot desert black rhino and elephant. Activities here are focused on searching for these elusive species, sightings of which – due to the wide swathes of area covered – are by no means guaranteed. One day will be spent on foot tracking desert black rhino; thanks to the research carried out by the Save the Rhino Trust, this offers a higher success rate of seeing these wild giants than anywhere else in northwestern Namibia. The other day in camp will be devoted to searching for desert elephant, both on foot and on nature drives, with the hope of encountering this unique elephant population. There is plenty of other wildlife found in the area too, including Hartmann’s mountain zebra, oryx, spotted and brown hyena, leopard, jackal, and African wildcat, to name just a few.

Child Policy

Due to the nature of the camp being exclusive-use, there are no age restrictions and children can be accommodated on a case-by-case basis. However, bear in mind though that there are no specific child-oriented activities or facilities, so we would recommend it for ages 16 and upwards.

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Contact one of our Destination Specialists to start planning your journey to include a stay here. Please note we recommend a budget of from £7,000 / $10,000 USD per person for our style of trip to this destination.

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