Kenya in November

November weather and where to go

The ‘short’ rains usually start during mid-late November due to the hot north-eastern monsoon blowing in from the Persian Gulf. Please note: the below chart shows averages based on the Masai Mara, apart from water temperature which is given for the Kenyan Coast.

The ‘short’ rains usually only last a matter of weeks in Kenya and are unlikely to perpetuate whole day safaris, with rains typically happening in the late afternoons or evenings. Daytime temperatures will still range from 24°C - 30°C nationwide with cooler mornings and evenings.

In terms of wildlife, baby animals can often be seen and the birdlife is wonderful, with lots of migratory birds present from September to April. Wildlife in general may be harder to spot as animals no longer have the need to congregate around water holes and can remain hidden in taller grasses brought on by the rains.

Mombasa Carnival in November is a popular celebration of the melting pot of cultures and communities that exist in the surrounding locales. From music and dancing, to woodwork and Swahili cuisine this is a party not to be missed.

You can still visit Kenya during the shoulder season (November-December), however, if you are able to travel earlier or later, this may be preferable in terms of safaris and beaches. 

If you are looking for lower rates and lower numbers of visitors, November may be a good time to travel, but note that advanced reservations are still required. 


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