Kenya in May

May weather and where to go

The ‘long’ rains continue into May across many parts of Kenya, even the coastal regions and Mombasa, despite their temperatures remaining relatively high. Please note: the above chart shows averages based on the Masai Mara, apart from water temperature which is given for the Kenyan Coast.

Due to the high levels of precipitation, the green season is in full swing and lush flora and fauna spring up everywhere enhancing landscape shots dramatically. As with April, many animals will be seeking out shelter from the rain during this period which can make wildlife sightings much more difficult, but can result in some incredible photos. 

If you are a seasoned safari-goer and have experienced the drier months, it could be a good excuse to experience Kenya in a completely different light. We wouldn’t recommend May for safari first-timers as chances are you won’t spot as much wildlife.

Beach retreats during this time are not ideal due to the high chances of rain and water clarity and visibility worsen during April and May, making this time of year less suitable to diving and snorkelling. If diving and snorkelling will be an essential part of your trip, look at travelling between October and March, or combine your safari with some time in the exotic Indian Ocean Islands, such as the Seychelles which is experiencing it's calmest and warmest month. You could combine your safari with other African wildlife destinations to get a more rounded experience of Africa, perhaps Namibia. May is one of the best times to visit Namibia as the air is fresh and dry, relatively free from dust.

Similarly to travelling in April, Kenya is best avoided during this ‘long’ rain period if possible.


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