Kenya in March

March weather and where to go

March begins with an increase in heat and humidity, particularly away from the coast, and the end of the month sees the start of the ‘long’ rainy season ahead.

Please note: the above chart shows averages based on the Masai Mara, apart from water temperature which is given for the Kenyan Coast.

The start of March can still be a good time to visit Kenya’s game reserves and animal sanctuaries as they will have relatively warm, dry days. 

Coastal areas will still benefit from clear sea visibility before the rains arrive later in the month, so diving is still good and the marine-life prolific.

Plenty of birds and wildlife are still to be seen, with plains’ grasses likely to be at their shortest before the heavy rainy season begins. Temperatures, as always in Kenya, will still be notably higher than that in Europe and the UK.

As the rainy season progresses, numbers will drop and some lodges and camps may start to shut down during this period. However, if you are prepared for some rain, this quieter season may be the right time for you. Just ask our experts about the best locations and accommodation available during this time. 

Each March, Nairobi hosts the East African Arts Festival showcasing art, music, fashion, literature, theatre and much more. It is hosted by the Kenyan National Museum and is the biggest of its kind in in the region. This would be best to plan for the end of your trip if possible so you don’t have to lug around your purchased wares when heading on safari or out to the coast! 

If you want to experience the great migration, during March it is in Tanzania’s Serengeti. It is rainy season there too but still possible to see the green plains hosting vast numbers of wildebeest and zebra.


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