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Information to help you plan your safari

For the most part, the long rains will cease in June, giving way to pleasant temperatures, low humidity and great conditions for a safari.


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At a Glance


  • June will see drier, cooler conditions predominate in Kenya as the rains depart.
  • With only a small amount of rainfall and temperatures rarely soaring due to cloud cover, this is a good time for family safaris.
  • Evenings can be cooler at higher altitudes.
  • Some tall grasses may remain, making it difficult to spot wildlife.
  • Conversely, animals will also congregate around shrinking water sources, and thus increase your chance of sightings.


Where to Go

  • The rains will have left Amboseli National Park in the full flush of greenery, while the increasingly hot and dry temperatures attract large herds of elephants to rivers and watering holes.
  • The waterways of Meru National Park will be in full flow after the rainy season, making this a perfect venue for spotting distinctive birds like the African fish eagle and African pygmy kingfisher.
  • June is a good time to visit Kenya’s most popular reserves and national parks, as it precedes the arrival of the Great Migration and the start of the school holidays.


Things to Remember

  • Availability at camps and lodges will be harder to come by than in previous months, but as the Great Migration won’t be arriving in the Masai Mara until July, this is a good time to snap up a room before tourist numbers increase.
  • Bear in mind that room costs will typically be sold at high-season rates.
  • Some mosquitoes may still linger with patchy rains, but they should disappear once the weather dries up.
  • Layers and a light waterproof are still recommended as the weather can be variable, with the kusi monsoon sometimes bringing rains at the beginning of June.


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