Kenya in January

January weather and where to go

Although January falls in Kenya’s wet season in the wider sense of the term (November to May), it lies outside of the two notable ‘long’ and ‘short’ rain periods. This means much less rain and some stunning landscapes, but also some unpredictability; although potential rains are generally quite short and in the afternoon, so won’t affect your safari.

With temperatures rising and some clear, hot days January is a great time to visit and partake in wildlife safaris. It may be possible to see new born animals and you should see lots and lots of wildlife throughout the Masai Mara and its conservancies. Big cats and other predators will be roaming the plains, and in the water bodies, hippos and crocodiles cool off and wallow.

The Mara has one of its driest spells during January, with only around five days of rain and enjoys an average of eight hours of sunshine per day.

Warm evenings create the perfect ambiance for sundowners and night drives as well as relaxed outdoor lodge meals under the stars, and the calm air is perfect for stories around the campfire.

On the coast, as usual, it is hot and humid (as it is year round) and day temperatures can get fairly high. Water clarity is good during this month and water temperature averages around 27°C which makes it an ideal time for diving and snorkelling off Kenya’s coast. In fact, October to March are considered the best times for diving Kenya’s stunning coastline, with north easterly winds and a calm summer breeze. Marine life you can spot may include turtles and rays, glass fish, snappers, and much more.

One of our Kenya experts states ‘my favourite time to go to Kenya is January because of the Dhow racing in the Lamu Archipelago. It’s something really unique’. So even if you are in Kenya for the wildlife safari, this is a great time to end it on the beach, and not just for relaxing under the sun if you don’t want it to be.

New Year is celebrated throughout Kenya in January. Overall, January is a reliable time to travel to Kenya for excellent wildlife, warm weather and sunny beaches. If you are looking for the great migration, you will need to go to the Serengeti in Tanzania.


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