Kenya in December

December weather and where to go

The ‘short’ rains that begin in November are usually over by mid-December and therefore landscapes often look their best at this time, with green, thriving foliage. This again makes wildlife slightly more difficult to see but the guides will ensure you are in the best place to view and photograph as much as possible. Please note: the below chart shows averages based on the Masai Mara, apart from water temperature which is given for the Kenyan Coast.

The drier part of the season begins from now until March so is a great getaway from the cold festive period in the Northern Hemisphere. Christmas and New Year are just wonderful in Kenya, and spending your Christmas day on safari with your family, friends or loved ones makes it completely unforgettable. You can end your safari on a sunny beach too, beats rain and fog!

From December onwards, humidity increases in Tsavo and the coastal areas and, although it can get somewhat intense, December is still a great time to visit the coastal regions. The ocean breeze helps to temper the heat and the constant warm water temperature is a pleasure.

Tourist numbers do tend to rise from mid-December onwards with prices subsequently increasing too but it is likely to be slightly quieter and cheaper than long dry season of July – October.

The ‘short’ rains make way for clear blue skies later in the month and with temperatures warming up December can be a great month to visit. If you want to be on safari over Christmas and/or New Year, you will need to book in advance to make the most of reasonable rates and to secure the ideal accommodation for you. For families and groups, there are some incredible family safari houses where you can spend Christmas away from any other travellers. Your own chef, driver and guide will ensure you do exactly what you want on the day, heading out on safari if and when it suits you, enjoying incredible food and drinks, or just relaxing by the pool. For romantic couples there are some sumptuous lodges to enjoy together, and you can make your Christmas as romantic or luxurious as you fancy! 


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