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Discover the best parks and attractions in Gabon

Discover the best parks and attractions in Gabon

Gabon's National Parks are renowned for their huge diversity in flora and fauna species, ranking amongst the richest in Africa. Wildlife in particular is rich species represented as threatened at continental or regional levels - nowhere else can you watch elephants on the beach and hope to see a breaching humpback whale at the same spot. Gabon has 13 national parks in total and several nature reserves distributed throughout the country. These national parks cover up to 3 million hectares, roughly 11% of the land area with 25% marine territory complete with 11 aquatic reserves. National Parks here play an important role in curbing any threats to the country's luscious rainforests and spectacular animal species. Since the protection of this land, the National Agency for National Parks has worked hard to conserve some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, ensuring Gabon's natural heritage is passed down to future generations. 

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Loango National Park

Famous for its beachcomber forest elephants and surfing hippos that roam its wild coastline, the national park is also brimming with mangrove forests, mirrored waterways, speckled tidal lagoons and a vast track of savannah.

Gabon Ocean Reserve Leatherback

Pongara National Park

Pongara National Park is singularly distinguished by a remarkable diversity of primates, plants and birds, its beaches become even more wild and wonderful when thousands of nesting sea turtles come to shore.


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