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Gabon Jungle & Beach Explorer Safari

Unparalleled beauty ranges across Gabon's varying landscapes, with unexplored wilderness as far as the eye can see. Rolling savannahs and impenetrable rainforests shelter large gatherings of colobus, chimpanzee, and lowland gorillas, whilst a labyrinth of entangled mangroves frame the glistening coast forming a hotspot for migrating sea turtles, humpback whales, and hippos surfing the waves. This unforgettable expedition showcases some of the best of equatorial Africa, a surreal experience plummeting you into a lost world of idyllic wilderness. Gabon is, without a doubt, a must-see destination for everyone with a spirited interest in the natural world.

Join us in a relatively unexplored part of Africa for a small-group frontier jungle travel experience that offers encounters with an array of wildlife in varied habitats from dense rainforest to open savannah, from rushing rivers to white-sand beaches. Gabon is an undiscovered Eden not to be missed. Explore Lope National Park, starting with a scenic train journey, before venturing to both North and South Loango National Park tracking the forest and coastline.

Gabon is a remarkable wilderness, with an impressive 11.25% of the country proclaimed as national parkland. This is a land of incredible wildlife, including lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, and forest elephants, while turtles and whales traverse the unspoilt Atlantic coast. The wildlife is truly wild here, completely unhabituated and perfect for a jungle vacation. Patience is required but rewarded.

What to expect?

Explore Pongara National Park

Located just an hour's drive from Libreville, Pongara is one of Africa's most pristine coastlines and is singularly distinguished by a remarkable diversity of primates, plants and birds. Travel along the shimmering estuary as it veins through mangrove forests and flooded swamps keeping an eye out for arboreal monkeys peering down from lofty treetops, and forest elephants and hippos wading in slow-moving lagoons. The National Park is an important refuge to small herds of forest buffalo and elephant, red river hog and the elusive leopard. The National Park's marine reserve often remains full of action following the arrival of humpback whales and dolphins mid-year, Pongara’s beaches come to life amidst thousands of nesting sea turtles coming to shore.

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Why book this trip?

  • Track the Western Lowland Gorillas in North Loango National Park
  • See nesting leatherback turtles and hatchlings throughout the beaches of the National Parks,
  • Beach mobile camp set up in South Loango National Park
  • Explore the habitat of the very rarely seen water chevrotain
  • Enjoy time on beaches where hippos often surf the shorelines
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Akaka Forest Camp

Akaka Forest Camp is nestled deep in the jungle at the crossing of the Ngowe and Echira rivers. There are 5 comfortable tents, each with 2 single beds, ensuite bathroom with ( shower, basin and toilet, mounted on a platform with private terrace facing the forest. Delicious meals are prepared onsite, while guests embrace the bewitching views of the waterway outside the restaurant and the bar’s expansive terrace under incredible night skies.