Botswana Walking Safaris

Why go on a Botswana walking safari?

Walking through the bush of Botswana is an educational, yet adrenaline pumping experience that is not to be missed on your African safari. Getting you closer to the land, all the small details that you would miss from your safari vehicle are suddenly bought to life by the outstanding skills of your walking safari guide and you will gain a true understanding of how the African bush works. Whether you are breaking open elephant dung, admiring a column of ants as they go about their daily business or even coming face with a herd of buffalo, you will soon realise that a walking safari is not for the faint hearted!

Treading the ground where just yesterday you saw lions is a heart rendering experience no matter which African destination you are in, but being in Botswana makes it all the more special.

where can you do a walking safari in botswana?

There are options for those who wish to experience the beauty of Africa on foot. The private Selinda Concession is one of the best areas to undertake a Botswana walking safari and you will find pretty unbeatable experiences and excellent guides in both Selinda Camp and Zarafa Camp. Kanana Camp is hidden in the depths of the Okavango Delta in a great spot for walking safaris and water safaris, so you can easily combine the two experiences with game drives. There are also a handful of places that conduct ‘true’ walking safaris, where you will stay in intimate, rustic tents within the Okavango Delta or Linyanti Wildlife Reserve, using them as a base for a few days as you explore the vast wilderness on foot only.

There are not many places where you can embark on a 'true' walking safari - but we know the best places to go, and the right time to visit.

want to know more about walking safaris in botswana?

If you are interested in a walking safari in Botswana, or making sure you set foot on the African plains during your safari, please get in touch. We would always recommend you experience this at least once during your safari, otherwise you really are missing out on an unbeatable, exhilarating safari experience.

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