• Shannon Wild

About Shannon Wild, Renowned Wildlife Photographer

Australian-born Shannon Wild, is an award-winning wildlife photographer and cinematographer. She has also authored three books, gives frequent photographic workshops and is an ambassador for a number of conservation charities and foundations. Growing up in Queensland she tried to spent as much time in the wild as possible and has since been drawn to exploring wildlife destinations the world over. She is now based in South Africa with her husband Russell MacLaughlin.

Working as an artistic director, Shannon developed her natural eye for detail and composition then moved on to her dream career as a professional photographer which she has now been doing since 2004.

Shannon Wild Behind the Camera

Shannon is well known on the social media platform Instagram at @Shannon__Wild which she uses to present her dynamic wildlife photography. 

Together with Russell MacLaughlin, Shannon led a hugely successful photographic departure in 2017 and 2018 aboard our Svalbard Polar Bear Explorer ship charter the M/S Freya

Both Shannon and Russell have also been featured as part of RED Collective, an initiative launched by RED Digital Camera that brings visionaries into focus. The husband-and-wife team have been recognised for their efforts in documenting rare and endangered animals across the globe, helping to promote conservation efforts and bring the fragility and beauty of the natural world to a worldwide audience. Together as "The Wilds", they bring their passion for nature and dedication to conservation to everything they do.

You can watch the full RED Collective video below, where Shannon and Russell discuss their process in capturing nature's intimate, unscripted moments.

RED Collective: The Wilds
Black rhinos in Namibia, Shannon Wild


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