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On Photography, Africa and Entrepreneurship

-Live Interview-

'IN-DEPTH' interview with photographer, author, and presenter based in South Africa. A personal interview conducted by Kike Calvo, about Shannon Wild´s career highlights, life challenges, and unexpected happenings that made her who she is today.

Wildlife Prints

“Her ability to capture the animal kingdom with such grace is an inspiration to photographers and non-photographers alike. Her images seem to tame the animal, while simultaneously setting them free.” - Nikon Australia

Wildlife prints by internationally awarded National Geographic photographer and filmmaker Shannon Wild

Shannon Wild


Australian-born Shannon Wild, is an award-winning wildlife photographer and cinematographer. She has also authored three books, gives frequent photographic workshops and is an ambassador for a number of conservation charities and foundations. Growing up in Queensland she tried to spent as much time in the wild as possible and has since been drawn to exploring wildlife destinations the world over. She is now based in South Africa with her husband Russell MacLaughlin.

-Shannon's Projects-

Since 2004, she has worked for clients such as National Geographic, NatGeo Wild and the United Nations as well as various wildlife NGO's and non-profits such as Wild Tomorrow Fund, The Perfect World Foundation and Wildaid.

In 2017, she founded Wild In Africa® - Bracelets For Wildlife as a way to directly give back to various wildlife conservation organisations. Shannon is also the co-founder of MAC MEDIA, a natural history and film production company offering full kit rental, filming vehicles and aircraft in Southern and East Africa. She has published 3 books to date and is an accomplished international speaker including for the NatGeo Live series and is on the board of directors of the Wildlife Society of Filmmakers. As a former creative director, Shannon has a keen eye for detail and design. She gives photographic workshops internationally and is an ambassador for several conservation charities and foundations.

Red Collective - The Wilds

'Bringing visionaries into focus'

Shannon Wild and Russell MacLaughlin are wildlife filmmakers known for capturing intimate shots of wildlife in their natural environments. Shannon and Russ’ award-winning images have been featured on National Geographic and Animal Planet, and in exhibits around the world. Their work is fueled by their dedication to conservation and profound love of the wild world. In this RED Collective, the husband-and-wife filmmaking team discuss the immense passion and patience required to shoot wildlife, and the importance of having the highest-performance camera equipment to capture these unscripted moments. Whether chronicling the speed of the hunt from afar or focusing in on the intricacies of the world’s largest living reptile, Shannon and Russell use their RED camera to bring awareness to these vulnerable animals through both motion and stills.

S1 1445X

As Sir David Attenborough so eloquently states, “The visual is always more powerful than words”. Photography has the ability to expose issues in a compelling way, regardless of language or location. Visual content has been instrumental in documenting and educating a broad audience on wildlife protection and their habitats and is instrumental in their conservation.”