• Sperm whales in Dominica

Sperm whale Experiences and Encounters

Staring down into the bright blue waters of the Caribbean from your small boat, you wait, engine off. Under the surface emerges a huge mass of grey, and that is it, time to delve under the surface as swimming just beneath, awaiting your visit, is the largest toothed carnivore on earth.


Easy and calm to approach, they pose no danger as you’re dwarfed in their presence. Taking time to photograph them, and be photographed alongside them, you bathe in the warm waters of Dominica together.


Our sperm whale safari offers you the chance to swim with, and be photographed alongside, these gentle giants as they congregate in the warm waters, and spend a week in tropical Dominica. A unique opportunity to travel in a group of just four guests with our expert guides.

Delve into the warm Caribbean waters to swim alongside some of the world's most charismatic whales


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Expert view: Will Bolsover 

Expert view: Will Bolsover 

Swimming with sperm whales is one of those life stopping moments that sooner or later you are going to have to do. Slower paced than the big blue whales, sperm whales spend longer on the water's surface making it easier to calmly get into the water alongside them as they cruise through the crystal clear Caribbean waters.

Sperm whales in Dominica

the sperm whale

The largest of the toothed whales, these huge animals are quite easily recognisable by their huge, box-shaped heads. In fact, they have the largest brains of any animal, weighing about 9 kilos. These big heads aren’t just full of brain though, they also contain a substance called spermaceti (hence the name), an oily fluid that was originally believed by sea-folk to be sperm. The substance hardens like wax when it gets cold which has led to the most common theory that it helps alter the whale’s buoyancy.

Sperm whales are deep divers, reaching 1,000 metres and staying under the water for as much as 1.5 hours in search of their favourite food, squid. The bottom jaw of the whale is very long and narrow with the teeth slotting into sockets in the upper jaw when their mouth is closed. They also have an extremely large and flexible fluke (tail), proportionally much bigger than the other whale species helping them achieve speeds of up to 27 miles per hour.

Sperm whales live close to the surface of the water, diving deep to get food. 

Sperm whales are one of the most widespread species on the planet and can be seen in many oceans, from Costa Rica and Sri Lanka to Canada and even Antarctica.

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Swimming with blue whales in Sri Lanka

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