Arctic Canada

Arctic Canada in October

October weather & where to go

October begins a shoulder period between summer and winter in Arctic Canada. Therefore, temperatures and daylight hours begin to decrease yet scenery and wildlife sightings still remain good.

October actually happens to be the best time of year to see polar bears as they wait on the tundra in Churchill for the “Big Freeze” ready to begin the seal-hunting season.

Cubs will now be around 10 months old and will be start to learn the skills of hunting from their parents (although they will remain dependent on their mother’s milk until around 20 months). We offer the chance to stay on the tundra in Churchill to gain a unique experience amongst the action! This wait for the “Big Freeze” may continue on into November but seeing large groups of polar bears is most likely in October. It is not uncommon for these inquisitive creatures to come to inspect your tundra buggies and peering in at you through the windows.


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