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ARC - Birds, Bears & Belugas

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Birds, Bears & Belugas

A specialist-led safari in the Arctic North taking in the variety of wildlife that inhabits this remote wilderness; from the majestic King of the Arctic - the polar bear - to the unique-looking beluga whale and more. A truly remote polar adventure, flying into Churchill and then catching an onward flight deeper into the territory of the King of the Arctic. Arriving at Seal River Heritage Lodge you have the next six days to experience this truly unique region of the world with no-one else around. Enjoy some truly unique adventures during your stay including tundra trekking, driving the coastline in a tundra tracker, beluga whale spotting, ocean kayaking, northern highlights and more.

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Why book this trip?

Experience the Arctic wilderness

The combination of diversity and sheer natural elegance will amaze you. Kayak the tranquil waters of Hudson Bay.

Incredible wildlife encounters

Be prepared for huge pods of whales, countless birds, as well as caribou and, of course, the magnificent ice bears. The Seal River Estuary is a summer favourite for these goliaths and they are regularly seen swimming or basking near the water's edge.

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What to expect

Your Accommodation

The location of Seal River Heritage Lodge on the coast of Hudson Bay puts it directly in the path of polar bears who wander the shoreline as they await freeze-up. Your wildlife excursions will target on-the-ground viewing of these iconic animals. During your stay you may also encounter coloured and Arctic fox, sik-siks (Arctic ground squirrels), and Arctic hare. Due to the timing of your trip there is also the potential to see a myriad of Hudson Bay migratory and shorebirds. The stunning backdrop of fall colors will make for spectacular photography throughout your safari. Your days at Seal River will follow the same general timeline as in Tundra Camp, though meals may sometimes be delayed in favour of wildlife viewing and/or photographic opportunities.

Return transfers are scheduled to begin after breakfast. Have your cameras at the ready for the return flight as it will be the final opportunity for aerial shots. Back in Churchill, you’ll spend the day with one of our tour guides exploring the town and surrounding area and learning about its rich history as a seaport and ex-military base. Your tour will include stops such as the Parks Canada exhibit, the Itsanitaq Museum, and the Polar Bear Jail. Along the way, your guide will point out murals that were commissioned in 2016 as part of the SeaWalls mural festival, finishing with a group dinner. Your flight south to Winnipeg will take place this evening.

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Jul 06 - Jul 13 2024168 DaysSmall Group Safari10150
Jul 16 - Jul 23 2024168 DaysSmall Group Safari10150
Jul 21 - Jul 28 2024168 DaysSmall Group Safari10150
Jul 26 - Aug 02 2024168 DaysSmall Group Safari10150
Jul 31 - Aug 07 2024168 DaysSmall Group Safari10150
Aug 05 - Aug 12 2024168 DaysSmall Group Safari10150
Aug 10 - Aug 17 2024168 DaysSmall Group Safari10150
Aug 15 - Aug 22 2024168 DaysSmall Group Safari10150
Jul 6 - Jul 13 2025168 DaysSmall Group Safari10550

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