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June weather & where to go

June weather & where to go

Almost all Arctic wildlife is visible by June and with low rainfall and warmer temperatures this can be a popular time to travel. The mercury usually begins to creep above 0°C throughout the month with mostly clear, sunny days, ideal for photographic contrasts between the blue skies and white icebergs.

Birding, Arctic Canada

The renowned migration of the narwhals commences in June and you have the opportunity to snorkel with these fascinating creatures off the floe edge or remain on land to focus on surface photography. Water temperature is likely to be less than 10°C and sea ice doesn’t melt away until into July.

Although snow cover usually doesn’t finish melting until the end of June flora and fauna begin to blossom as Arctic Canada heads out of its bitingly cold winter towards its warmer summer months. This creates a beautiful backdrop for polar drives and cruises.

Surprisingly, mosquitoes are rife towards the end of June and into July in Arctic Canada, due to the moisture in the air and the warm body temperatures of animals such as caribou and polar bears. Make sure you keep well covered up with to avoid mosquito bites as well as sunburn from the markedly powerful sunshine and reflections.


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