• Tundra Lodge, Canada

About the Tundra Lodge, Churchill

The Tundra Lodge located on the sub Arctic tundra outside the town of Churchill is a unique location to spend your polar bear holidays. The lodge is made out of lots of connecting cabins, similar to a train, which can be move on wheels. This allows it to be placed for optimum bear viewing at the start of the season, totally immersing you in the place these Churchill polar bears call home.

Your time at the tundra lodge will be divided between excursions in tundra buggies along the shores of Hudson Bay in search of the Arctic wildlife and time at the lodge on the tailor-made viewing platforms where you can admire the polar bears at your leisure from the comfort of the lodge.

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Your chance to see the polar bears as they gather on the tundra waiting for the 'big freeze'.

Tundra Lodge details


The Tundra Lodge is completely unique and mobile, with comfortable rooms and ample space for polar bear viewing.


Being on wheels allows for the Lodge to be moved at the start of each season to the highest density of polar bears, helping to ensure optimum viewing for its guests.

Accommodation & Facilities

32 individual cabins provide your home for the duration of your great white bear tour. Three flush toilets and two showers are shared between guests. The lounge has a TV, VCR and slide projector as well as an internet connection via satellite. Both the lounge and dining room allow for great views out onto the tundra. There are lots of windows and observation decks throughout the lodge to optimise your viewing possibilities.


Lunch and refreshments are provided when you are out on your bear excursions. There is also a big stove and griddle in the dining room at the lodge and a BBQ on the deck.


Polar Bears, inquisitive as they are, will often approach the lodge, so your time between excursions is not wasted! Otherwise you will be out in one of custom made tundra buggies, exploring the tundra and looking for, not just bears, but also snowy owls, the Arctic fox, caribou, and ptarmigan. The tundra buggies had to be custom made for the safety and comfort of its passengers as well as handling the difficult terrain. Each one has heating, flush toilets, reclining seats, mesh steel viewing decks and front sloped wins shields. Just 14 guests are taken out on these trips at a time, despite the buggies being built for twice that amount, so there is always lots of space and a window to watch from.

Being in Churchill means there is also the possibility of seeing the aurora (Northern Lights) on clear nights!

Child Policy

Children over 6 are generally allowed, however it is up to the parent to decide whether you child is ready for the requirements of group travel, will enjoy the experience and not compromise it for others. We suggest you speak to your Natural World Safaris specialist to discuss the specific trip requirements so you can decide on what is best.

Want to stay here?

Contact one of our Destination Specialists to start planning your journey to include a stay here. Please note we recommend a budget of from £7,000 / $10,000 USD per person for our style of trip to this destination.

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