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About the Arviat Polar Bear Cabins

Every year Hudson Bay freezes up and the polar bears head out to start their annual seal hunt on the pan ice. As they patiently wait for the ‘Big Freeze’, occasionally testing the waters, watch these magnificent mammals as they gather in Polar Bear Alley from the safety and comfort of the Arviat cabins.

With space for just 8 guests at a time, photograph and live with the bears in their natural environment.

Accompanied by trained and knowledgeable Inuit guides, you can get literally nose to nose – an incredible, once in a lifetime experience…

Arviat Polar Bear Cabin details


Rustic and rugged polar bear cabins on the the shores of Hudson Bay.


A scenic 40 minute private charter from Churchill, it is half way between here and Arviat, a couple of miles south of the mighty Gellani River. To the north of the cabins, the river is a massive 5km wide, preventing the bears from migrating any further until it is completely frozen. This area is called Polar Bear Alley, due to the number of bears they see here every year and which appears to be increasing.

Accommodation & Facilities

There are 4 simple sleeping cabins, each sleeping a maximum of 2 guests. Made completely ‘bear proof’ you can sleep safe in the knowledge that you are out of harm's way. Each guest cabin has an entryway for storing camera gear and tripods, and the main room featuring two beds (or king bed configuration), a small laptop computer table and adequate space for the rest of your gear and clothing. There is a central dining/lounge/kitchen cabin for socialising and the entire complex is heated, to become a cosy and warm retreat from the cold. A non-obtrusive electric fence surrounding the complex provides unparalleled photo opportunities.

Each cabin has a separate room for the toilet and washbasin, the toilet uses a 'flushing' bag system as there is no running water, but it's almost like home. There is a private hot shower in each cabin and all towels are provided.

This extraordinary area and intimate accommodation allows for bear viewing 24/7 and some pretty reliable viewing of the Northern Lights in the evenings.


Despite the remote conditions, no expense is spared when it comes to food and all your meals will be gourmet. Local foods, such as caribou, can be arranged if you would like to try them, otherwise there will be delicious steaks and fish, such as Arctic char. Unlimited drinks and snacks are available all day long as a buffet in the main area, and there is a variety of wines and cheeses to enjoy with dinner, just before you tuck into that sublime dessert…


These cabins are used on our Polar Bear Migrations Safari; enjoy close encounters with the bears with your trained and knowledgeable Inuit guide, trek through the icy wilderness or observe them from the comfort and warmth of the cabins. On you last day you check the coordinates of the local, 400 strong, Quamirjuag Caribou herd, before heading off for some aerial flight-seeing. The Northern Lights sightings are pretty reliable and you can watch the incredible red and green hues of this natural phenomenon from your warm cabin with a glass of wine or warm drink.

Want to stay here?

Contact one of our Destination Specialists to start planning your journey to include a stay here. Please note we recommend a budget of from £7,000 / $10,000 USD per person for our style of trip to this destination.

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