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arctic russia wildlife highlights

The coastline from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to up the High Arctic is full of unique wildlife. On land, in the sea and up above, the views from the ships are unforgettable. 

Polar bears and their cubs can surround the ship. There is an abundance of bears particularly around Wrangel Island - as it is a large denning area for polar bear and a large number of cubs are born there every year. Trips in 2019 counted over 200 bear sightings. 

The sky is constantly moving with the thousands of birds that call Arctic Russia their home. Steller's Sea Eagles, Arctic Puffins, Gulliemot and Shorebirds take flight. 


Russia High Arctic Heritage Expeditions Polar Bears| © K Ovsyanikova

Arctic Russia Waters

The is an abundance of wildlife in the waters too. Whales continually join the ship on its venture, with numerous varieties to spot. Last year, over 500 Humpback Whales were spotted, over 300 Beluga Whales were spotted, over 300 grey whales were spotted and over 30 bowhead whales were spotted. 

Similarly, seals and walruses can be seen both in the water and upon the rocks on the islands too. 

Russia High Arctic Heritage Expeditions Otters | ©  A Reilly

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