• Sperm whales in Dominica

Our small group departures to Dominica

This tiny verdant island in the Lesser Antilles may not be as well known or as well visited as other countries in the Caribbean, but Dominica's rich waters, picturesque landscapes and commitment to protecting the natural world make it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in wildlife safaris. Although Dominica's coastlines and forested interior are the very image of a tropical idyll, it is the surrounding ocean that serves as the main venue for our safari here. The 7-day trip will take travellers in search of the many cetaceans that can be found here, including orcas, dolphins and beaked whales, but it is the area's sperm whales - a group of which live here year-round - that are the focus of the itinerary. Accompanied by one of our experts, you'll be able to swim alongside these gentle giants in what will be a series of truly memorable underwater encounters.

Head to Dominica for an off-the-beaten-track safari with some magnificent marine mammals.