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Highlights and main attractions of Churchill

Highlights and main attractions of Churchill

Disembarking in the small frontier town of Churchill can be a bit of a shock to the system. You struggle to take in the surrounding frozen wild west landscape, yet there is little to take in here, on the shores of Hudson Bay. This is the ‘polar bear capital of the world’ and your gateway to some of the most unforgettable and exciting moments in the natural world and combines perfectly with a trip to North America in search of bears.

Around 1000AD the Thule people arrived here, later evolving into the Inuit culture that is still present and very evident today. Situated along Manitoba’s 1,400 kilometres of coastline, you are at the junction of three biomes; marine, boreal forest and tundra and the wildlife opportunities can, at times, be absolutely breathtaking.

Staying out in the tundra in Tundra Lodge, you can live amidst the action and watch as mothers care for cubs and males forge friendships that will be forgotten as soon as it is hunting time. With ample observation decks, you will not miss the action, day or night, and bears are known to approach, intrigued by the train-like structure in their midst. Each day you will head out in tundra buggies, each person with their own window and each guide fully trained and equipped with walkie-talkies directing them to the wildlife.

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Location and activities

A 40-minute private charter from Churchill, just outside of Nunavut State and a couple of miles south from the mighty Gellani River are the Arviat Polar Bear Cabins. Right in the heart of the aptly named ‘Polar Bear Alley’, half way between Churchill and Arviat, where the number of polar bears seem to be ever-increasing, this rustic lodge is a fascinating place to stay. In the company of Inuit guides, you can track the bears on foot and explore the arctic wild, or stay indoors, observing out from the picture windows the wildlife that may come to you.

30 kilometres north of Churchill is the beautiful Dymond Lake, where you can navigate a range of nature trails and spot wildlife at eye level on tundra walks. Alternatively, at North Knife Lake, stay at the home of wolves, moose, black bears and caribou, 200 kilometres southwest of Churchill -  a ‘choose your own adventure’ destination where, at North Knife Lake Lodge, you can experience world-renowned fishing, hike or paddle the rivers.

250 kilometres from Chuchill, still on the Hudson Bay shores, is Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, in a spot renowned for having the highest concentration of polar bears - 100 miles from anything else. Seal River Heritage Lodge is also just a 30-minute scenic flight from Churchill, offering authentic Canadian wilderness living in a prime wildlife spot.

The wildlife is spectacular, the landscapes other-worldly and there are some fantastic activities, from viewing polar bears at eye level and swimming with beluga whales, to watching the northern lights under the arctic sky.

Whether you decide to stay in Churchill, out on the tundra or in one of the surrounding, remote lodges, this is an area like no other.


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