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June weather & where to go

June in Alaska is a peak summer month, where the sun refuses to set too early, the landscapes are beautiful and wild with colour, and the rivers bubble with swarming salmon. There is a real energy at this time, with people and animals alike, energised by the long sunny days. This is a great time to go to Alaska

Salmon spawn in the rivers, days are long, and the weather warm and dry.


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Grizzly bear, Alaska

The longest day of the year is June 21, and the summer solstice is great cause for celebration in a state  that receives such short summers. This is a very long day in areas such as Anchorage, which sees the sun dip below the horizon for just four hours. Here, the temperature is around 17 degrees Celsius during the day.

June is known to be the driest of the summer months, but bear in mind that if you are planning on going further north to central Alaska, some snow and mud may still linger from the long winter.

Glacier Bay National Park can be explored in June, an impressive landscape that includes 3.3 million acres of snow-capped mountains, it really is a feast for the eyes. This is a stunning place to explore by kayak, and the warm dry June weather makes it ideal.

Over towards the west, you can explore Kodiak Island at this time, a fabulous place for action photography as the largest grizzly bears in the world fight, play and swipe tasty salmon from the rivers. Another great location for bears in June is the stunning Katmai National Park; rugged and remote, the park is home to a huge array of wildlife, from grizzly bears, caribou, moose and red fox, to the marine animals such as orca, beluga and grey whales. You may also be able to see the impressive bald eagles too!

Denali National Park opens towards the end of June as it is further north, but here you can embark on beautifully wild hikes, grizzly bear watching, and even watch some dog mushing.


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