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The Best of Wrangell-St. Elias

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The Best of Wrangell-St. Elias

An exciting adventure into the largest protected landmass on earth, where your journey will be governed by the elements. Paul Claus will provide your adventure options each day dependent on the weather and natural conditions, and you can decide from there, with highly skilled qualified pilots and light aircraft at your disposal. Dine on the largest non-polar glacier in the world, fish for salmon alongside grizzly bears, soar the skies in special bush safari planes, hike through the wilderness watching for wildlife or even visit gold rush historic sites - the options are endless.

While experiencing distant luxury and comfort in the middle of the wilderness, you can look forward to unmatched aerial thrills, close encounters with wildlife, and the chance to explore untamed glacier panoramas on this spectacular Alaskan safari.

St. Elias National Park

Discover the highlights of the 13.8 million acre Wrangell/St. Elias National Park. Observe animals in their most natural and undisturbed habitat. Have lunch in the middle of the largest non-polar glacier on earth. Walk on the sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean under the towering massif of Mt. St. Elias – over 18,000 feet with the greatest vertical relief in the world. Watch great chunks of ageless glacier ice cave into the salt water. Fish for salmon alongside grizzly and brown bears. Follow your guide on a photographic journey across the high alpine tundra in search of Dall sheep, mountain goats, black bears and wolves. Spot huge bison and moose as you soar through the sky in special bush safari airplanes.Every activity is facilitated by fantastic airplanes and the remarkable pilots who captain them. The daily adventures circle around your basecamp at Ultima Thule Lodge where you will find an outpost designed for your utmost comfort in the middle-of-nowhere. Large private cabins with full amenities, cedar sauna/ self-spa house gourmet dining and fine wines with a relaxed explorer-centric atmosphere all combine to welcome you to the home of a multi-generational Alaskan family. The Claus’s provide firsthand knowledge of this otherwise unpeopled wilderness and are your personal guides and naturally skilled pilots for each adventure. A lifetime in not enough to touch the wonders of this vast land and you will encounter places no human has ever been to before.

Incomparable Aerial Adventures

Before you ever enter the wilderness, your trip begins. It's an experience in and of itself to fly a light aircraft over Alaska's distinctive landscapes. You'll be treated to stunning aerial views of the Alaskan terrain from the moment you take off. Your time in the air will be remarkable because of the expert pilots' safe navigation across the huge landscape.

Intimate Encounters with Wildlife

Wildlife lovers will find paradise in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. You'll get the chance to see creatures in their native habitats without being disturbed by city life as you explore this pristine environment. Every wildlife encounter promises to be an up-close and awe-inspiring experience, whether you're tracking Dall sheep on the high alpine tundra, taking pictures of bears in their salmon-rich hunting grounds, or spotting moose and bison from the air.

Unprecedented Glacier Exploration

One of the highlights of this experience is dining on the biggest non-polar glacier in the world. Few individuals ever have the chance to experience the wonder of walking on a glacier plain and seeing huge chunks of ice calve into saltwater. While being surrounded by the peace of this unspoiled landscape, you will be transported to a world of ice and beauty.

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Why book this trip?

  • Explore Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in Alaska, the world's largest protected area, guided by experienced professional Paul Claus and a fleet of light aircraft operated by competent pilots, offering a unique and unforgettable experience.
  • Experience a unique dining experience on the largest non-polar glacier in the world, surrounded by the magnificent Alaskan wilderness.
  • Experience wildlife encounters on thrilling excursions, including salmon fishing with grizzly bears, observing Dall sheep, mountain goats, black bears, wolves, bison, and moose, and flying through the Alaskan wilderness.
  • Your itinerary is tailored to your preferences and opportunities, influenced by your preferences, wildlife, and weather conditions during your stay.
  • St. Elias National Park, spanning 13.8 million acres, features the world's largest non-polar glacier and stunning Pacific Ocean beaches, with the unique spectacle of glacier ice calving into saltwater.
  • Ultima Thule Lodge offers exclusive accommodations, private cabins, cedar sauna, self-spa house, gourmet dining, and fine wines, providing a relaxed, explorer-centric atmosphere for ultimate comfort.
  • Ultima Thule Lodge, nestled in Alaska's wilderness, offers an untouched, untouched experience with a serene landscape adorned with bears and eagles, a treasure to be cherished forever.
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Ultima Thule Lodge

Deep in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness, where bears roam freely and eagles soar high above the land, alive with flora & fauna, Ultima Thule Lodge appears to be in the land that time forgot, with no sign of civilisation. A hundred miles from the nearest road, no-one settled here previous to Paul Claus and his wife Donna in 1982 after many unreturned expeditions by the local Athabascan Indians lead to the belief that the area is haunted. It is now believed this is due to the area being so rugged, with big rivers, vast glaciers and endless valley systems.