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about Ultima Thule Lodge, Wrangell St. Elias National Park

Deep in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness, where bears roam freely and eagles soar high above the land, alive with flora & fauna, Ultima Thule Lodge appears to be in the land that time forgot, with no sign of civilisation. A hundred miles from the nearest road, no-one settled here previous to Paul Claus and his wife Donna in 1982 after many unreturned expeditions by the local Athabascan Indians lead to the belief that the area is haunted. It is now believed this is due to the area being so rugged, with big rivers, vast glaciers and endless valley systems.

Wrangell-St Elias National Park is one of the most beautiful and wild areas of the world, however, being widely inaccessible, most people won't get to witness it, or will even hear about it. 

The only access is via planes, each owned and run by the experienced people at the lodge, flown by highly skilled pilots who can deal with the ever-changing, unpredictable weather of the mountains; this journey it itself is absolutely unmissable.

Ultima Thule Lodge detail


Uniquely Alaskan cabin accommodation nestled into the hillside, a home in the middle of nowhere for those with an adventurous heart.


Between the 7,000 foot high rock face of McColl Ridge and a 3 mile wide stretch of the Chitina River. Accessible only via small private plane, this is the only accommodation here, itself 100 miles from anywhere.

Accommodation & Facilities

These cabins are exactly what you need after a day out in the heart of wild Alaska. Follow a rocky path to your private cabin, submerged in the living hillside, uniquely decorated with traditional Alaskan devotion to primal comforts. Plush leather furniture is ready to welcome you after a warming shower and bright light filters through the stained glass windows onto the cherry desk as you write about your day. Every single piece of furniture has been selected and flown in from the outside world, chosen especially by the Claus family and flown in on that same small plane you came in on.

There is a wood-fired sauna for some relaxation and a banquet table in the main lodge where fresh meals are served daily.

There is little contact to the outside world from here, although this may seem a little daunting, you’ll soon get into the spirit of things.


Everything you eat during your stay will have been sourced from the surrounding bounty, whether fresh salmon from the river or vegetables from the Claus family garden.


There are no set itineraries here, Paul Claus leaves this up to the weather and the wildlife and with up to 20 hours of daylight in the summer, you can be sure you’ll make the most of it here. Each day you have here will be utterly unique; each flight in that small aircraft will land you somewhere different, sometimes where people have never stepped foot before. Sit atop giant glaciers under the sun, picnic on untamed beaches or kayak through salmon rich rivers as wild bears swipe them from the shores. This is one of few untamed wilderness areas left on the earth; travel it with the pure spirit of adventure and freedom to really appreciate what few have done before you. Whether you are looking for something wild and exhausting or calm and relaxed, you won’t be disappointed.

Climbing and skiing are also options here, weather dependent of course.

Child Policy

Children welcome.

Want to stay here?

Contact one of our Destination Specialists to start planning your journey to include a stay here. Please note we recommend a budget of from £7,000 / $10,000 USD per person for our style of trip to this destination.

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