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Where to stay in Alaska

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Where to stay in Alaska

With a wide range of accommodation options from small lodges nestled in the heart of the woods to converted tugboats that offer incredibly close wildlife viewing, our Alaska lodges and camps all share one common trait: they have the most desirable setting to give the best access to the wildlife and natural scenery of the surrounding area. If you have a particular accommodation option that you would like to stay in that is not listed below in our selection, please contact our specialists who will do their utmost to build this into your itinerary. Our Alaska accommodation is unique, and in the perfect location for wildlife viewing, and the ultimate wilderness experiences.

Sheldon Chalet

Deep in the mountains of the Alaska Range, nestled between glaciers and soaring peaks, sits Sheldon Chalet. Far away from civilisation, the chalet is the ultimate getaway for adventurers looking for a little luxury in the wilderness. Perched right in the middle of the Don Sheldon Amphitheatre, the chalet is set within 4.9 acres of private grounds at an elevation of 6,000 ft, with views over Denali and some of the clearest skies for Northern Lights viewing that you’ll find anywhere in Alaska. With accommodation for just 10 people, the chalet is the perfect location for a getaway with family or friends, and is available for private groups, or as an extension to a longer Alaska itinerary. At Sheldon Chalet, you can explore the mountains by helicopter, enjoy gourmet glacier picnics, skiing around the nunatak, sledding on Denali, or simply relaxing on the deck with a blazing fire and the Aurora Borealis lighting up the sky.

Alaska Bear Camp

Alaska Bear Camp on Cook Inlet is a sustainable base for exploring Alaska's most pristine brown bear habitat, providing wilderness accommodations that are low on impact yet high on comfort. Built on a historic homestead on the ancestral land of the Dena'ina people, the remote parcel on roadless land was grandfathered in to remain private when Lake Clark National Park was established in 1980. Surrounded entirely by the park today, Bear Camp offers a premier location for immersive encounters with brown bears. The deluxe backcountry camp is designed for an unobtrusive presence among the bears, with tent cabins erected on a raised deck in front of the forest, facing the Chinitna Bay shoreline.

Ultima Thule Lodge

Deep in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness, where bears roam freely and eagles soar high above the land, alive with flora & fauna, Ultima Thule Lodge appears to be in the land that time forgot, with no sign of civilisation. A hundred miles from the nearest road, no-one settled here previous to Paul Claus and his wife Donna in 1982 after many unreturned expeditions by the local Athabascan Indians lead to the belief that the area is haunted. It is now believed this is due to the area being so rugged, with big rivers, vast glaciers and endless valley systems. Wrangell-St Elias National Park is one of the most beautiful and wild areas of the world, however, being widely inaccessible, most people won't get to witness it, or will even hear about it. The only access is via planes, each owned and run by the experienced people at the lodge, flown by highly skilled pilots who can deal with the ever-changing, unpredictable weather of the mountains; this journey it itself is absolutely unmissable.

Redoubt Bay Lodge

Composed of just three log cabins decorated in a traditional outdoorsy Alaskan style, this lodge sits on the shores of a scenic lake and provides spectacular views of the surrounding Chigmit Mountains. Owned and operated by the same family for over 30 years, you'll be assured a warm welcome and a wonderful wildlife-viewing experience when staying at this remote and rustic setting. Accommodation at the lodge takes the form of three cabins which can be tailored for different-sized groups. The lakeside cabin is ideal for larger families or groups, whereas the Trailside cabin and the Hillside cabin are best suited to smaller groups. The cabins are all heated by a wood-burning stove and have private decks overlooking the lake.

Brook Falls Lodge

Brooks Falls Lodge puts you as close to the wildlife as possible located in the heart of Katmai National Park. Originally opened as a fishing camp, the premises have been in action since 1950 and have since then been continuously upgraded. This area of the world is famous for its fishing and, of course, grizzly bears – up to 50 of which live along the Brooks River during salmon spawning season. There are little viewing decks set up down the river, it is also possible to watch the bears from a boat if you so wish. The scenery here is stunning, with beautiful countryside scenery, spectacular volcanic features and beautiful fjords, glaciers and waterfalls.

Katmai Wilderness Lodge

Katmai National Park has both the largest grizzlies and the highest concentration of grizzlies in the world. Situated within the national park is Katmai Wilderness Lodge, a quaint, eco-friendly lodge set along the coastline with a spectacular backdrop of majestic mountains. With a maximum of just 12 guests at a time, and a range of intimate wildlife excursions on offer, this remote destination is one of the best places to view Alaska’s grizzly bears away from the crowds. With no viewing platforms, and all excursions led by experienced guides with more than 10 years in the industry, Katmai Wilderness Lodge offers the chance to join the grizzlies on land along the banks of the river, allowing for unparalleled photography opportunities. While the approximately 2,200 bears of Katmai National Park take centre stage here, guests also have the chance to see seals, sea otters, foxes, wolves, wolverines, porcupines, moose, lynx, whales, sea lions and mountain goats on excursions around the lodge.

Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge

Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge is in a peaceful, picturesque corner of Alaska. Jump on board a ferry in the Alaskan port city of Seward and you'll soon find yourself at this exquisite lodge nestled at the mouth of Resurrection Bay. The eight charming cabins are set amongst the woods on the privately owned Fox Island, with beautiful views of the bay on one side and a freshwater lagoon on the other. There are are no other lodges on the island, and the comfortable en-suite rooms have been purposefully designed without telephones, televisions, radios or electrical outlets. All this means you're free to unwind and enjoy the tranquil surroundings without unnecessary distraction. What's more, Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge is powered mainly by solar energy and the property has been certified as an ecotourism destination by Adventure Green Alaska, making it an excellent choice for eco-conscious travellers.

Tutka Bay Lodge

Tutka Bay is an incredible lodge to stay at where you feel as if you are experiencing the true Alaskan wilderness. The lodge is only accessible via boat and the vistas you will see en-route to the lodge are spectacular. Once you arrive at the lodge you can settle into your private cabin and look out from over the fjords, bays and glaciers. There are a total of six individual cabins available at Tutka Bay Lodge; all of which are located within close proximity to the main lodge. All of the cabins have either a private balcony or porch which is a perfect place in which to really appreciate and take in the spectacular panoramas of the surrounding areas including the ocean, mountains and Tutka Bay itself. Both the Oyster Catcher Cabin and the Eagle’s Nest Cabin are ideal for families and have two floors with two bedrooms. Locally sourced woods have a huge presence in all of the cabins from the materials of the cabins itself to the furniture within. Spend your days kayaking on the rivers, fishing and spotting the incredible wildlife which calls Tutka Bay home.

Grizzly Cruiser/MV Ursus

Often referred to as the ‘grizzly ship’ or 'grizzly cruiser' there are no prizes for guessing as to what the aim of a trip on this exclusive ship is. Even its name Ursus is Latin for bear. This cruiser ship is a refurbished crab fishing boat and can accommodate just eight passengers along with its experienced and knowledgeable crew. The M/V Ursus boasts a state of the art navigation system, on-board zodiac boats and even a small library filled with ample materials to expand your knowledge about your breathtaking surroundings.

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