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Highlights and main attractions of kenai fjords National Park

Highlights and main attractions of kenai fjords National Park

A seemingly magical place, where ice caps pour into the ocean and deep fjords carve into the coast, Kenai Fjords National Park is a geological wonderland at the edge of the Kenai Peninsula in South-Central Alaska, dating all the way back to the last ice age.

Kenai Fjords National Park is approximately 70,000 acres in area and around half of the park is covered by the Harding Ice Field, one of the four major ice caps in the United States. Despite dating back so far, the fjords are a place of constant movement and change, as the Pacific and North American tectonic plates move on the coast, deepening the fjords and enhancing the beauty of this already breathtaking environment. 

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Location and Activities

Best accessed by boat through Seward, a quaint seaside town, the rugged coastline and coastal wilderness is any nature enthusiast’s dream, located just 130 miles from Anchorage. It is also one of just three national parks in Alaska accessible by road, via Exit Glacier and a network of trails.

The plankton rich waters of the fjords provide the ultimate environment for whales, and it may be possible to spot orcas and humpbacks. Other marine wildlife includes otters, sea lions, harbour seals and porpoises, as well as puffins which are just as ‘at home’ in the skies as they are under the surface of the crystal, icy ocean. There are 18 species of nesting migratory sea birds found on the island outcrops, including common murres and black-legged kittewakes and despite a majority of the fjord waters being salt, there are some freshwater streams that are naturally filled with salmon.

Cruising through these fjords is a wonderful experience, and you may see Resurrection Bay, Holgate Arm and Northwestern Fjord, as well as privately owned Fox Island. Cruises can last up to one week.

Kenai Wilderness Lodge is authentic, rustic and eco-aware, providing a tranquil atmosphere amongst the woods of beautiful Fox Island. Here you can embark on day cruises around the island, hike forest trails, comb beaches, scour for wildlife or join an interpretive talk.

It is possible to take a relaxed hike up Exit Glacier, or even try kayaking, fishing and horseback riding.


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