Galapagos Islands

When to go to the Galapagos Islands

The best time to go to the Galapagos Islands

The only month which we don’t organise holidays to Galapagos is in September, as most of the ships are placed in Dry Dock for maintenance. 

Wildlife activity is fabulously abundant all year, with courtship and mating rituals, hatching chicks, the arrival of the albatross or departure of the whales and colonies of sea lion pups – amongst many others – all possible to see. If you have a particular species in mind, contact us so we can tailor your trip around this.

The Galapagos Islands offer something for everyone and really is an all-year-round destination. 

When to go

This is a guide for the country as a whole, indicating good times to plan a holiday, taking into account popular places to visit, wildlife encounters and overall weather. Please remember that where in the country will vary depending on month of travel.

When to go by season

The Warmest Months

The warmest weather on these incredible islands is between January and May, when average maximum temperature is a warm 30ºC or 86ºF and the sea temperature is a welcoming 25ºC or 77ºF. Heavy showers are common during these months, but are usually brief and can be quite refreshing.

The Cooler Months

A cooler weather period runs from June to November, and whilst there is little rain it can often be foggy or overcast, and the sea temperature is still a pleasant 22ºC or 72ºF. June to September is also the highest international tourist season, so if planning to travel during this time, be prepared for higher prices, to book well in advance, and for busy attractions. It is also worth considering that the seas are roughest between July and October, for those who suffer from seasickness this might be a good time to avoid.


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