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Highlights and main attractions of Santa Fe Island

Highlights and main attractions of Santa Fe Island

Santa Fe is a stunning and unique island, being formed by an uplift rather than a volcanic eruption, resulting in a relatively flat landscape instead of the typical conical shape of most other islands of the archipelago. It is also claimed by scientists to be the oldest of the islands.

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Although goats were previously introduced to the island, they proved a threat to the native flora and fauna and were eradicated in the early 1970’s. The native species of the island have bounced back, giving you the chance to sight a number of endemic and interesting wildlife during your visit including the marine and land iguanas, the Galapagos hawk, Galapagos mockingbird, Galapagos snake, rice rats and finches.

If you follow the loop trail around the island you will venture through vegetation such as salt bush and prickly pear cacti. Amongst the salt bushes you have the chance to approach the magnificent Galapagos hawks, and closer to the cliffs you stand a chance of spotting the Barrington land iguana, an endemic species and the largest Iguana to be found in the Galapagos.

Back at the beach, why not take the time to snorkel with the playful sea lion pups. A nearby submerged rock also provides visitors with the chance to spot manta rays and marine turtles.

When you reach the top of the cliffs you will be able to look down at one of the most beautiful coves of the archipelago, situated beneath you.


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