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Highlights and main attractions of Floreana Island

Highlights and main attractions of Floreana Island

Floreana Island is the longest inhabited of the islands; its colourful past is brimming with tales of pirates, convicts and whalers, as well as the peculiar and mysterious ‘Galapagos Affair’. Home to about 100 Ecuadorians, the island was names after Juan Jose Flores, the first president of Ecuador who took possession of the archipelago during his administration. 

Don’t let this fool you though; by no means is Floreana lacking in its natural wonders. In fact the Corona del Diablo (Devil’s Crown), home to seasonal visits from rays, sharks and permanent shoals of bright tropical fish, is rated the best dive site in the entire Galapagos National Park. The Devils Crown itself, a semi-circular rock formation formed from a semi-submerged volcano cone, also plays home to a whole host of birds, including red-billed tropicbirds, lava gulls and pelicans and a quick panga ride will introduce you to some of these winged locals.

Snorkelling with sea lions,  Galapagos Islands

Location and Activities

Not far from Devil’s Crown are the green beaches of Punta Cormorant, so coloured due to olivine materials found in the sand. This is a great spot for snorkelling with the playful sea lions, and there is a white sandy beach just 400 metres away – between the two you will find a flamingo lagoon, brimming with dozens of these lovely creatures.

In 1793 a wooden post barrel was located here, at the time, whaling was a huge industry and ships were at sea for two to three years at a time, frequently stopping in the Galapagos Islands. Outgoing seamen would place letters to the loved ones and families inside the barrel, then those on their return leg would pick them up, posting them when they arrived on home soil. As you arrive at the bay, you pass a brown beach where sea lions bask in the sun; your guide will grab a hand full of letters from the barrel, passing them out for you to send on your return. You may even post your own postcards and letters in the barrel to help continue the tradition!

Post Office Bay is an excellently preserved part of Floreana’s, and the Galapagos Islands, history, where traditions from the 1700’s are still being adhered to today.


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