Costa Rica in November

Weather and wildlife can be unpredictable in November, but there are some excellent wildlife and activity opportunities if you know where to go.

November weather & where to go

November weather & where to go

November is a bit of a shoulder month, making the timing and amount of rain hard to predict. What we can say, is that towards the end of November, the worst of the rain should be over in most of Costa Rica, and the country will be a lovely vibrant green.



The rainfall in Tortuguero National Park throughout the rainy season isn’t as high as most of the rest of the country. However, in November, we do see a bit more rain, averaging at 557mm for the month. It is no longer green turtle season here, however we love this park for its twisting turning mangroves and swamps, and the amazing wildlife that calls it home. If you can still work it into your itinerary, we would advise you don’t miss it, although the rains can be quite heavy.

Back on the Pacific Coast, the rains in Manuel Antonio National Park have decreased, with a monthly average of 380mm, and an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. Although Manuel Antonio is one of the most popular areas for tourists, it is a great area to visit, with amazing wildlife, from scarlet macaws and toucans, to chattering monkeys that swing through the trees. If you want to go somewhere more remote than this, and slightly trickier to navigate too, we suggest Dominical. This region is wild and truly beautiful, filled with sprawling jungle that falls onto wild beaches that are important sites for nesting turtles.

Down on the Osa Peninsula you find one of Costa Rica’s most remote and unique areas. It is a huge area that is wonderful for spotting rare wildlife, from margays and tapirs, to, on occasion if you are lucky, the majestic jaguar. The birding here is brilliant and you can expect to encounter some beautifully coloured species throughout your journey. The average rainfall for November here is 604mm, however, most of this falls towards the start of the month, with reduced rainfall as we go into December.

Overall, November is a bit unpredictable, but can be a fascinating time to travel for seeing the parks at their most vibrant green.


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