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May weather & where to go

May weather & where to go

May is the start of Costa Rica’s rainy, or ‘green’, season, and rainfall picks up country-wide. It is still possible to travel the country in May, however, and you will find that the rain is interspersed with sunshine. This is especially so in the Central Valley, Caribbean Coast and Northern Pacific.

In the Central Valley the temperature averages at a very pleasant 26 degrees Celsius. This stunning area, surrounded by coffee plantations is a real pleasure to visit, and it is clear to see how it got its name when you see the jagged mountains and volcanoes that ring round it. The rainfall in May has increased from an average of 52mm in April, to 240mm in May, however this rain is not constant, and the heavy downpours can often be avoided.

On the Caribbean Coast, a visit to the laid back and vibrant village of Cahuita will mean you can experience Costa Rica’s unique Creole culture. This is a great place to stop off if you just want some time to relax on some stunning coastline, or head somewhere a little less visited. 

We always recommend those going to Costa Rica explore the magnificent Tortuguero National Park It is home to an abundance of wildlife, from iguanas, monkeys and crocodiles, to sloths and frogs. It is not impossible to see jaguars here too. However, if you definitely want to guarantee a jaguar sighting, we’d recommend travelling to Brazil

Guanacaste and the Nicoya Peninsula are good at this time, with some sunshine penetrating through intermittent rain. On the border of Nicaragua, right in the north of the Pacific Coast, you can explore a host of national parks, as well as volcanoes, forests, wild rivers and more. National Parks to explore include Santa Rosa, one of the largest protected areas in Costa Rica, and Palo Verde, a real dream for nature lovers, with a mixture of mangrove forests, savannah and wetlands, home to crocodiles, snakes, sharks and more. 



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