Costa Rica in June

June sees increased rainfall, but can be an excellent time to travel to Costa Rica if you want to avoid the crowds.

June weather & where to go

June weather & where to go

June is a similar month to May, but with a bit more rainfall which we will detail below. Despite the rain, this can still be an excellent time to travel to Costa Rica in search of wildlife and beautiful landscapes. Now in the green season, the country really is alive and vibrant, and rainfall is usually interspersed with glorious sunshine.



June sees increased average rainfall throughout Costa Rica, however this is usually interrupted by wonderful warm sunshine, and can be avoided. The North Pacific coast is a good place to visit at this time of year; Guanacaste and the Nicoya Peninsula are home to numerous parks and beaches to explore. Here you can visit the oldest park in Costa Rica, Santa Rosa, which is also a significant nesting site for several types of turtle, especially olive ridley turtles. This is a very popular surfing spot too. Palo Verde National Park is also a great choice, a mixture of tropical lowland dry forests, mangroves, savannahs and wetlands, it is home for a huge array of wildlife.

Towards the centre of the country, the Central Valley is beautifully vivid and green in June. Explore the coffee plantations, and take some time out to photograph the stunning mountains and volcanoes that encompass the area. You can take some time out to explore San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital, too, although we do recognise that it has lost a little of its charm after numerous earthquakes. This area averages at 25 degrees Celsius in June, so is still lovely and warm, but the rainfall is much higher than previous months in the year, at 290mm average for the month.

Sunshine breaks up the heavy rainfall, especially so on the Caribbean Coast, where temperatures stay quite steady and warm at around 31 degrees Celsius. A trip to Cahuita will provide some laid back culture on the beach, with influences from Hispanic and Afro-Caribbean to Miskito Indian. Alternatively, head to the stunning Tortuguero National Park, the main attraction of the Caribbean Coast, for some amazing wildlife encounters. Here it is not just about jungle walks, but exploring mangroves and swamps as you search for the huge variety of residents here; from crocodiles to sloths and monkeys.


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