• Ziplining, Costa Rica

Learn about Costa Rica's famous zip line experiences...

A zip line, also called an ‘aerial slide’ in the UK and a ‘canopy tour’ in Costa Rica, is a wire cable attached between trees or other vertical supports that enables you to travel from platform to platform suspended high in the air. By being attached to a harness that loops over the wire you are able to slide between the trees propelled by gravity alone. Even though you’re high up, the harness and the pulley system used by the guides to slow your approach to platforms means that you can zip about amongst the tree canopy in complete safety; great fun!

The zip-lining itself requires little in the way of specific fitness – the harness takes your weight so you don’t have to rely upon your core muscles to maintain the correct position. Perhaps the greatest exertion required is actually getting to the start of the zip line in question! The zip line tour offered as part of our Costa Rica Family Eco Adventure is a 20-minute hike through the jungle from Pacuare Lodge, but the zip-lining offered in the cloud forest of Monteverde as an excursion from our Wildlife, Volcanoes and Coastlines of Costa Rica is accessible via cable car.


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Ziplining, Costa Rica

What makes zip-lining in Costa Rica so special is the lush jungle vegetation and dazzling biological diversity that it puts within view of the intrepid experience-bagger. Leaving the tapirs, jaguars, anteaters and other ground-dwelling species far below, you’ll be seeing the tree canopy as the white-headed capuchin and howler monkeys see it – not to mention the red-eyed tree frogs, sloths, hummingbirds, macaws and the fuzzy-headed Quetzals with their vibrant emerald-and-scarlet plumage.


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