• Perito Moreno, Argentina

highlights and main attractions or the Perito Moreno Glacier

highlights and main attractions or the Perito Moreno Glacier

The gigantic chunk of ice that is the Perito Moreno Glacier is one of just three glaciers in the world that are not retreating, and the only ice wall that is still advancing. The results are deafening and electrifying, as the blindingly white peaks and turquoise folds creak eerily and begin to break, with huge shards of the 30 kilometre glacier suddenly collapsing into the water beneath. 

Perito moreno glacier, Argentina

Argentinean Patagonia and the Glaciers

The gateway town to the glacier is El Calafate, an agricultural town in the heart of Patagonia. It is situated 80 kilometres from the glacier itself, which lies within the Glacier National Park, and is set on the shore of Argentina’s largest lake, Lago Argentina. The main airport that connects Buenos Aires to the glacier is here, and it is a base that offers ample facilities for tourists.

The Glacier National Park that contains this magnificent ice feat is a reserve that was established in 1937 to protect the natural phenomena. Covering 600,000 hectares, it also contains other glaciers such as Upsala, Onelli and Spegazzini, surrounded by the Onelli and Bertrand mountains. El Chalten is another area of interest close to Perito Moreno. The gateway to Mount Fitz Roy within the National Park, this ice field is the world’s third largest reserve of fresh water. The abundant fauna and wildlife within the park, includes some endangered species such as the pudú pudú, the southern river otter and pumas.

There are a number of balconies that make perfect view points and easy viewing, or you can visit the glacier by boat, bringing you even closer. 

We can even arrange for you the hike the glacier itself, one of the most unique experiences you can enjoy in this area.

Whilst most accommodation is found in El Calafate, there are some stunning exceptions such as Los Notros, which looks out onto the majestic glacier, with enviable views that can even be enjoyed from your bath tub! Eolo Lodge is also located outside the centre of El Calafate in the La Anita Valley and has the look and feel of a country lodge and holds discussions on glaciology for those with a keen interest.


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