• Buenos Aires, Argentina

Highlights and Main attractions of Buenos Aires

Highlights and Main attractions of Buenos Aires

As one of the world’s most iconic metropolises, Argentina’s sultry soul, and the birthplace of tango, Buenos Aires needs little introduction. European roots and history give the city a sense of glamour and sophistication alongside what is ultimately a distinctly Latin charm, earning it the title of the ‘Paris of Latin America’, and the different districts or ‘barrios’ are almost like separate towns in themselves, each with their own quirks, colours and characters. Spend time getting to know the city, before exploring some of the working ranchas or ‘estancias’ in the pampas that are reached just an hour outside of the city – another world and dropped pace of gauchos, rolling countryside and Argentine hospitality.

On the eastern coast of Argentina, it is a major gateway connecting Europe and North America to the continent, with great direct connections from London.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

City highlights and where to go

The city highlights include the Colon Theatre, a grand and magnificently gilded seven storey colonial building in the centre of the city dating back to 1908 and the pink government building of Casa Rosada, where Eva Peron famously addressed the ‘Porteños’ of Buenos Aires until her death in 1952. Eva was such a prominent figure that she is still revered to this day and her tomb in Recoleta remains a popular tourist spot in this wealthy district filled with Belle Epoque architecture.

La Boca is the most colourful of Buenos Aires’s districts, with buildings of bright red, blue and yellow all contrasting heavily in an explosion of colour. Heading back towards the centre, the bohemian district of San Telmo has many antique shops and a brilliant lively Sunday flea market that really pulls the crowds. The newly redeveloped Puerto Madero is also a busy area with an excellent choice of upscale restaurants and bars. Palermo too is one of the city’s best spots for boutique hotels, such as the Legado Mitico which combines character and style with contemporary amenities.

Most visitors to Buenos Aires will be hoping to include a tango show or even lessons as part of their stay and this is unquestionably the place to find it! The alluring ‘milongas’ or tango salons that can be found throughout the city are a good choice, where regulars and novices alike can hone their techniques in some of the city’s best and most authentic venues.

Outside the hectic pace of the city, the pampas are characterised by flat expanses that have fertile soils and remain green and luscious – ideal for rearing livestock. Here you will find estancias that can be enjoyed as a retreat from city life in peaceful and scenic surrounds.

Buenos Aires is a beautiful city, vibrant with colour and life, and with a lot to do and explore.


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