• Bariloche, Argentina

Highlights and main attractions of Bariloche

Highlights and main attractions of Bariloche

Perched on the banks of the Nahuel Huapi lake, San Carlos de Bariloche almost looks like a microscopic Switzerland, with alpine buildings crafted from Patagonian wood, snowy mountains, shimmering lakes and chocolate shops all creating a spellbinding location in Argentina’s revered Lake District. Bariloche is just the centre of this region that is filled with pristine green forests, deep blue lakes and snow-capped peaks all in the Patagonian alpine air, with huge appeal both in summer and winter.

When the native people disappeared, Bariloche was inhabited by Germans who came from Chile at the beginning of the 20th Century. After a railway link was created to connect Buenos Aires 1,620 kilometres away and the area was granted National Park status, the area developed into the destination it is today. The lookout at Cerro Campanario holds the privilege of once being voted UNESCO's Best View in the World and the 360 degree panorama over a patchwork landscape of green fir-filled islets, meandering lakes and snow-topped peaks is beyond beautiful.

Bariloche, Argentina

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The area is a destination of two seasons. In summer, between November and April, outdoor activities include fly and trout fishing, hiking, mountain biking, horse-riding and camping amongst the thickets of the forest, enjoying the network of over 20 lakes that punctuate the area. In the winter months between July and September, the focus is largely on winter sports, from when the first snowfall starts to turn the slopes a brilliant white.

Venture outside of the town and you will discover more of the natural beauty of the region. San Martin de los Andes is a few hours’ drive north and enjoys a magnificent setting on the edge of Lake Lacar and a small population of just 32,000. This town is also an ideal entry point to the beautiful Lanin National Park, where a variety of hiking trails, fishing and kayaking can be enjoyed. This Patagonian steppe area is also known for its gaucho culture and you can even stay in an estancia or working ranch to give you the full experience of rural Argentinian life.

Explore this stunning area, discover gaucho culture and really experience rural Argentinean life.

The exquisitely set Llao Llao Hotel is outside of the town in a beautifully natural setting surrounded by white-tipped mountains of Cerro Lopez and within the Nahuel Huapi National Park. The Cacique Incayal is for those looking to enjoy Bariloche itself and is set on the shores of Nahuel Huapi with superb lake vistas.


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